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How Beneficial Is Medication Assisted Treatment?

How Beneficial Is Medication Assisted Treatment?

Many people suffer from opioid abuse. The situation they are in often leads to negative results. These include damaging their personal relationships and risking their own health.

Medication-assisted treatment or MAT is a program that can help treat this abuse. This program combines taking specific medications such as suboxone, and counseling.

Before you head to a suboxone clinic in Toledo, Ohio for the treatment, get to know its benefits which include the following:

  • Safe Treatment
    MAT is a safe treatment. Only licensed health practitioners can administer or facilitate this program to a client. So, you can be sure that you can stay safe while you are in the program.
  • Lesser Risks of Overdose
    In this program, health professionals will be thoroughly regulating your med intake. So, there is a lesser chance of getting overdosed. As a result, your medications will work according to their functions more effectively.
  • Lesser Risks of Violent Actions
    Taking advantage of this program, as well as other primary care services, is a way to help lower the impulsiveness and violent actions that substance abuse can bring. If you follow your treatment plan, you can expect lesser violent episodes.
  • Better Social Function
    Of course, when the treatment is effective and no substances are damaging your mental health, your social functioning improves. You get along better with other people.

In dealing with addiction, it is important to understand that addiction, in itself, is not the problem. Addiction is just a manifestation of a bigger problem. There are underlying reasons why individuals decide to take drugs. These reasons may include family problems, financial problems, and even depression. The best thing we can do for someone struggling with addiction is to give them our love and support. The world will be a better place if we all tried to understand each other better.

Get in touch with Hill Clinic to know more about our MAT program. We also offer recovery outreach in Ohio.

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